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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Here's a collection you'll just have to be part of!
It's Muffin's first christmas and she's was so excited
to stumble upon these handmade button rings. (all silver)

1. Embossed floral plastic ring (punch pink)
2. Embossed floral plastic ring (elf green)
3. Woven stripes plastic ring (navy blue)
4. Merry-go-round plastic ring (navy blue)
5. Tweed cloth-covered ring (tan and white)
6. Flying-saucer-like plastic ring (soft cream)
7. Flying-saucer-like plastic ring (deep orange)
8. Debossed floral plastic ring (white)

Price: $8 (each)
one piece of each only

Please indicate by the numbers next to each ring,
which one you would like!
Each ring is adjustable, so one size fits all!


Blogger swei said...

Hi, I'm interested in getting Ring #3.


8:18 PM  

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