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Thursday, December 07, 2006

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Heart of glass
A cream heart with golden wings, hangs on a delicate chain finished
with a vintage-style heart closure
Length : approx. 15cm
Price: $25 (one piece only)

Send me an angel
A gold angel, hangs at the end of a thin golden chain, finished with a
vintage-style heart closure
Length: approx. 29cm
Price: $23 (one piece only)

A dove-like bird, hangs on a thin gold chain, finished with a
easy magnetic closure
Length: approx. 27cm
Price: $23 (one piece only)

A big gold parrot is perched at the end of this pretty chain,
finished with a lobster clasp
Length: approx. 38cm
Price: $25 (one piece only)

The Prettiest Star
A beautiful gold snowflake, dotted with diamantes,
sparkles at the end of a semi-chunky chain, finished
with a magnetic closure
Length: approx. 35cm
Price: $28 (one piece only)

Wild Horses
A magnificent unicorn dazzles this necklace, as it
hangs on a gold chain, finished with a round toggle closure
Length: approx. 36cm
Price: $28 (one piece only)

Fly away with me
The last in this collection, a strong single gold wing hangs
on a delicate gold chain, finished with a toggle heart closure
Length: approx. 37cm
Price: $25 (one piece only)

Copacabana | The Prettiest Star | Wild Horses | Heart of Glass | Blackbird | Fly away with me

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Muffin Plushies are finally here!
It's muffin made real! Grab yours today!

Measuring up to an average size of 14cm by 14cm
They'll fit right into the palm of your hand!
Each one of them is unique with different pairs of button eyes!

Select the one you want by indicating with your comments,
the numbers next to each of them.

Price: $15 (each)
one piece only

Here's a collection you'll just have to be part of!
It's Muffin's first christmas and she's was so excited
to stumble upon these handmade button rings. (all silver)

1. Embossed floral plastic ring (punch pink)
2. Embossed floral plastic ring (elf green)
3. Woven stripes plastic ring (navy blue)
4. Merry-go-round plastic ring (navy blue)
5. Tweed cloth-covered ring (tan and white)
6. Flying-saucer-like plastic ring (soft cream)
7. Flying-saucer-like plastic ring (deep orange)
8. Debossed floral plastic ring (white)

Price: $8 (each)
one piece of each only

Please indicate by the numbers next to each ring,
which one you would like!
Each ring is adjustable, so one size fits all!

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Ever felt that you need some direction?
Well you'll never feel lost at all with this queer pin.
Blue and white is the main attraction, turquoise beads, with
a blue glass bead and silver mermaid charm, hanging from an
anchor, this makes for an adventure you'll absolutley love!

Price: $15
one piece only

This is an extravagent piece, for the times you want to stand out!
A necklace made up of white gold trimmed ribbon inter-twined with
a semi-chunky gold chain. The center piece is a row of true blue,
matt green and white rose embedded floral beads. My love,
you will surely enjoy this each time you put it on!

Price: $25
one piece only

Sunday, November 19, 2006

This quaint pair of earrings, will definitely be an eye-catcher!
Green and pink beads, together with a turquoise leaf surround
a ceramic bead with muffin baked inside it. Gold hooks and
chains adorn this adorable pair of earrings.

If you love this, you might want to have bakerbaker that is about
to make it's appearance soon! The next pair is similar only it's
not round, but teardrop-shaped!

Price: $18
one piece only

Friday, November 17, 2006

Here it is! Another version of the pair you saw above!
This is for the tear-drop lovers!
Similar make to the top except the ceramic leaves are a
shade of green! Along with the exclusive bunny that
centers the earrings, this is sure to draw some attention
to those ears!

Price: $18
one piece only

Thursday, November 16, 2006

This pin has every girl's dream on it!
If you wanted to be a mermaid, an angel or a ballerina,
this is the pin for you. Made up of black and real turquoise
beads, silver charms; including a heart, this pin is a must-have!

Price: $18
one piece only

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

A simple necklace that is sure to help you take flight!
A gold wing centrepiece hangs from two delicate strands
of gold chain and closes with ease as the finishing
touch is a button clasp.

Price: $18
one piece only

Gold hoop earrings, that are understated yet sophisticated.
White stones, white beads splashed with gold and gold
ornamental beads decorate these hoops, while a gold
chip dangles from the centre of each earring.

Price: $18
one piece only